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Diversity and Underrepresented Students Scholarships

Underrepresented Student Scholarships

The PLATO project collects resources and information to help increase participation by diverse students in study abroad.

Traub-Dicker Rainbow Scholarship

$3000 scholarship for lesbian identified students as they pursue their higher education abroad and seek to impact the world.

Fund for Education Abroad Rainbow Scholarship

$5,000 maximum scholarship for underrepresented students with disabilities who wish to receive a scholarship to study abroad for a minimum of four weeks. Eight awards are given per academic year.

Through the looking glass

$1,000 scholarship dedicated to supporting students with parents who have disabilities to meet their academic goals both at UNI and abroad. Ten awards are given per academic year.

National Federation of the Blind Scholarship

30 scholarships awarded each year to legally blind persons. Scholarships range between $3000-$12,000. Students must attend National Federation of the Blind Conventions as a follow-on project

American Cancer Society Scholarships

UNI Student who were diagnosed with cancer before age 21 are encouraged to apply for this scholarship to help them make the study abroad experience affordable.

Gamma mu Foundation scholarship

Dedicated to giving $1,000 or $2500 scholarships to gay male identified students from rural areas with international higher education opportunities.

Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund

Provides a maximum scholarship opportunity of $10,000 to students who work toward social justice for communities.

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