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National Scholarships

National Scholarships

The Gilman Scholarship

Established to diversify the kinds of students who study abroad and the countries and regions where they go. Specifically, the Gilman Program offers scholarships to students typically underrepresented in education abroad who plan to study in non-traditional countries. For more information, visit the link above and speak with the Student Support Specialist in the UNI Study Abroad Center.

Designed to diversify the kinds of students who study abroad and the countries and regions where they go. This Federal scholarship typically assists underrepresented students, but is not limited to that population, in education abroad who plan to study in non-traditional countries. An additional scholarship may be awarded if a student studies a language of strategic importance.


Federal Pell Grant recipient and accepted into a study abroad program that is eligible for UNI credit. This program must be at least 28 days in one country (not Cuba or any country on the U.S. State Department travel warning list).

Must contact Student Support Specialist in the Study Abroad Center for advisor approval

Submit an online application including statement of purpose essay & Follow-up Project Proposal Essay

The BOREN Scholarship

Boren Scholarships promote long term linguistic and cultural immersion, and therefore study abroad proposals for two or more semesters are strongly encouraged. Preference will be given to undergraduate applicants proposing a full-year academic study. It provides awards of up to $10,000 for one semester and $20,000 one year to support study abroad in countries critical to future security of the United States of America.


A US Citizen at the time of the application, a high school graduate enrolled in an undergraduate degree program located within the United States. Applicants must be applying to a study abroad program that meets UNI standards in a country outside of Western Europe, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand. Critical need language areas.

Must contact Student Support Specialist in the Study Abroad Center for advisor approval and continue to work with the representative during the application process. Submit the Boren Scholarship Application online, a budget sheet, two statements of purpose, 2 letters of reference, official transcript, and a language assessment. View full application checklist on the website.

Fulbright Scholarships

Offers fellowships to graduating undergraduates, graduate students, young professionals and artists to study abroad or teach abroad for a duration between 9 and 12 months.

Sarah's Wish Foundation

Sara’s Wish Foundation scholarships are awarded to women committed to making the world a better place by fully participating in it. Award to study abroad students going to typically non-traditional locations like Ethiopia, Korea, Chile, Nepal, and South Africa are just a few examples. Must be a US citizen to apply and program must be longer than 5 weeks.

Fund for Education Abroad

The scholarship is for students studying abroad for a summer, semester or academic year. Must be a US Citizen or permanent resident, enrolled as an undergraduate, applying to an approved Study Abroad Program for a minimum of 4 weeks, committed to support education abroad on campus. Prefer applicants applying to a program known for its academic rigor, learning the language, with service-learning component, applying to a program in a non-traditional location, and demonstrate financial need.

Affiliate Scholarships

Many UNI affiliates, like AIFS, AmeriSpan, API, Australearn, CEA, and ISA award scholarships to students participating in their programs. Check with those organizations about their deadlines, application process and availability.

Rotary Club Global Scholarship

This global grant scholarship funds graduate-level coursework or research for an academic year. For more information on this scholarship, eligibility requirements, and deadlines check out the page here. Check with your local chapter or Rotary International District 5970

Jeff Zimpleman-Iowa Sisters States Scholarship

The $30,000 in scholarship money will be awarded annually to Iowa college students who have been residents for five years. Foreign travel helps students broaden their perspective of the world, from not only academic studies but also cultural experiences.

The Jeff Zimpleman Iowa Sister States Scholarship is available for Iowa students enrolled in Iowa colleges and universities seeking degrees in international business or agriculture, international relations, language, or culture (including music, art and film) or students participating in short courses, internships, conferences or symposiums in those areas in one of Iowa’s nine sister states.

Details of the scholarship, along with an application, can be found on the Iowa Sister States website, The deadline for submitting applications is Feb. 1, 2016. The scholarship money will be awarded in time to be used for the 2016 academic year.


Oxford and Rhodes Scholarship

Cambridge Gates Scholarship

Golden key International Honor Society Study Abroad Scholarships

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