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Programs : Budget Sheet

The following listing represents the Winter Break Budget Sheet for Winter Socio-Economic Reality Capstone in Nicaragua.

Winter Break Budget Sheet for Winter Socio-Economic Reality Capstone in Nicaragua
Winter Break Budget Sheet for Winter Socio-Economic Reality Capstone in Nicaragua
Budget Item Amount
SA Mandatory Short-term Prgm Fee * $175.00
In-country Costs on U-bill *   $1,750.00
International Health Insurance (CISI) *   $20.00
Undergraduate Technology Fee 2017-2018, 2 credits *   $38.00
Undergraduate Tuition 2017-2018, 2 credits *   $622.00
Billable subtotal:  $2,605.00
SA Application Fee $75.00
US Passport   $135.00
International Airfare NOT on U-bill   $1,600.00
Personal Expenses   $200.00
Academic Supplies   $25.00
Program Deposit   $100.00
Travel Health Consultation (as per Student Health Center - cost varies for other locations)   $43.00
Non-billable subtotal:  $2,178.00
Total: $4,783.00
All budget amounts are estimates only.  Prices are subject to change.  If you have questions, please contact

IMPORTANT: Airfare estimate amount is only an estimate. Actual cost could be higher or lower. The College of Business Administration (CBA) provides a Fly Free scholarship for eligible CBA majors. CBA majors are invited to apply for this scholarship. Maximum coverage amount for this program's airfare cost is $1,200. If an airfare costs more than $1,200, CBA will only reimburse $1,200. If an airfare costs less than $1,200, CBA will reimburse the exact airfare amount. 

In-country costs on U-Bill includes housing, meals, local transportation, programming, and interpreter. Note: the Nicaragua program course (Socio-Economic Reality of Central America, 2 credit hours) is held during spring (first half semester).

In preparation for their international experiences, study abroad program participants are required to attend a travel consultation delivered by a certified health professional.  These services are offered by a number of medical facilities in the Cedar Valley area and beyond, including the UNI Health Clinic. It is not required that program participants receive their travel consultation specifically at the UNI Health Clinic; however, "Travel Health Consultation (as per Student Health Center -cost varies for other locations)" is the baseline cost of the consultation appointment at the UNI Health Clinic. Actual cost of the appointment could be higher. Any travel immunizations you may receive will be an additional charge.

The program deposit is paid by applicants prior to being accepted into the program. This deposit allows the SAC to start making reservations and bookings on their behalf. This deposit will be subtracted from the sum of in-country program costs prior to being applied to the U-bill.

Last updated: 7/18/2017

* Billable item (Will appear on your UNI U-bill)