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College of Education

This scholarship is awarded by the College of Education and is for applicants who are admitted into the College of Education. Only applications from participants of the upcoming application cycle will be considered.


  • Must be full-time enrolled degree-seeking UNI undergraduate and graduate students accepted in the College of Education 
  • For semester programs must be full-time enrolled degree-seeking UNI undergraduate and graduate students
  • For short-term programs must be UNI undergraduate and graduate students enrolled to receive UNI academic credit.
  • For semester and short-term programs must be in good academic standing.  Minimum GPA is 2.75 at the time of application deadline.  
  • The Study Abroad application must be in a “Committed” status at the time of the scholarship application deadline. 
  • Only completed scholarship applications with all the required documents will be considered.  

Participants of non-UNI programs, not-for-credit programs or UNI programs not sponsored by the UNI Study Abroad Center are ineligible for this scholarship.

Application Process

The application is entirely online and is similar to your study abroad application. To apply, click on the apply now button below. Note, your application will go into the "committed" stage automatically. This does not commit you to the study abroad program. It is an automatic stage the scholarship goes into for technical purposes. Award Information: It is expected that the following awards will be given until the funding is depleted. 


Scholarship Application Deadlines

For spring semester programs: The last working day in October.
For winter break programs: October 15
For spring break programs: December 15
For summer programs: December 30
For fall and academic-year programs: The last working day in March.

Service Requirements of a College of Education Grant Recipient DURING/AFTER Studying Abroad

 As a scholarship recipient you are responsible to fulfill TWO primary requirements, one material requirement and one service requirement.

Material Requirement Options:
Complete a special project in collaboration with the SAC by completing one of the following:

  • Attend a SAC Digital Storytelling Workshop,

  • Provide your best 5 photos (at least) from your program abroad.  Photos must showcase UNI student(s), with UNI apparel if possible.  Photos will be used to advertise your program; therefore, we encourage creative snapshots of your study abroad experience.  Photos must be above 500px X 500px. Send photos as an attachment to in jpeg or png (not in PowerPoint). Or send by Google Drive or bring to SAC on a flash drive.  

  • Providing a link to your YouTube channel and or vlog that showcases your study abroad program experience.

  • Providing video clips that showcase study abroad program experience.

Service Requirement Options:

  • If you are participating in a short-term instructor-led program, volunteer for a minimum of 3 hours at designated Study Abroad events (i.e. International Opportunities Fair, Speed Advising, etc).

  • If you are participating in a summer school, semester or academic year program, volunteer for a minimum of 4 hours at designated Study Abroad events (i.e. International Opportunities Fair, Speed Advising, etc).

  • EXCHANGE STUDENTS ONLY: If you are participating on an exchange program you will be a UNI Student Ambassador at the host institution and will be asked to promote UNI at different events.

If you are graduating or Student Teaching outside of the Cedar Valley after your study abroad program, you must contact the Study Abroad Center to arrange an alternative to the service requirement.