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Kels in Sydney Quad of Origin
The State of Origin series is the Australia’s premiere sporting event where the states of New South Wales and Queensland battle it out in three rugby games to see who is the best. These ruby matches get very intense and is said to be the highest level of ruby competition in the world. Rugby players are to play for the state that they played their first senior ruby league.
At the University of Newcastle, the college known as Evatt has their own little twist to the ‘State of Origin.’ Each spring they play Quad of Origin which is when the ‘top’ quad and ‘bottom’ quad battle it out in three intense rugby games to see which quad reigns for the given school year. Evatt houses over 200 students and the apartments are built on a hill so some students live in the ‘top’ quad while others live in the ‘bottom’ quad. Some students may spend numerous years on Evatt but must play for the ‘quad’ they originally lived. The Quad of Origin is a huge rivalry on Evatt and players get very excited for the event. Students who do not wish to participate in the game (usually all the women and men who aren’t tough enough to play) sit on the sidelines and cheer on their respected quad. This is just one of the many events Evatt holds throughout the school year to engage their residents to interact.

Kelsey Hood
Peer Advisor for Australia & New Zealand
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