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Study Abroad Experience in Klagenfurt, Austria
When I first was telling everyone that I knew about where I was going, pre-departure, many of them would ask me ‘Oh Australia.  You’re going to be living in the Outback, huh?’ or they would confuse Austria with Germany.  Unfortunately, Austria might not get the recognition that it deserves, but I can assure everyone that it is a country that is very unique.  I studied abroad in the mountainous area of Austria, and the city is called Klagenfurt.  Klagenfurt is located in the most south and east of the country, which makes it very easy to travel to Italy or Slovenia.    With a city of around 95,000 residents it was big enough to have fun and meet a lot of people, but it was too big where buses would be crowded and people couldn’t move anywhere.  It was the perfect fit for me.

Levi Roethler
Austria '11
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Fun in the Austrian Sun
Many people have a mental image of Germany where there are mountains, or there are grassy hills with many forests in the background.  Actually most of the postcards or images that are taken in “Germany” are actually in fact taken in Austria.  Austria is 64 percent mountainous and 46 percent forest, which makes the scenery there quite beautiful.  There are also large lakes like the one in Klagenfurt called the Wörthersee.  In the spring tourists can swim or rent a small boat to take out to as far as their hearts desire.  It provides a very relaxing afternoon.  Also, near the lake there is a very large park.  There many people are having lunch, casually playing soccer, or even slack lining, which is very popular in Austria.  Within the park are sand volleyball courts, which is always a fun sport to do.  In Klagenfurt they do have professional and semi-professional sand volleyball teams that compete there. Even the Gold Medalists Kerry Walsh and Misty May have actually competed in Klagenfurt and won, of course.  There are even tennis courts that are very close by the university that is very cheap; they even will lend people a tennis rackets if needed. I almost forgot to mention all of these wonderful leisure activities are near the university!
Levi Roethler
Peer Advisor for Austria