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Expenses for Instructor-Led Programs

$100 Program Deposit

In order to secure their spot in the program, students will be required to pay a $100 program deposit to the Study Abroad Center online, or in exact cash or check. This deposit is used by the SAC to make a down payment on airline tickets in order to give students more time to purchase their airfare in full. This deposit will be refunded to all students in the form of a $100 deduction from the total Foreign Travel charge billed by the Study Abroad Center on students’ U-Bills at the beginning of the terms billing cycle.


Airfare is booked by the SAC with the help of a travel agency. This not only allows the participants of the program to enjoy the benefit of a group rate, but also ensures that all students are on the same flights and are considered a unit in case an airline might try to break-up the flight. Though the SAC will arrange the flight, the students are responsible for the individual cost of the ticket. Once the airfare has been booked, the students must pay the selected travel agency in a timely manner using check, cash or credit card .

Students who choose to deviate from the group flight arranged by the SAC must sign and submit a Deviation form to the SAC before purchasing the airfare. By choosing to deviate, students acknowledge that the SAC has no responsibility in ensuring they safely arrive at the program destination. Deviating from the group fare may also result in the loss of the student’s $100 program deposit.

Foreign Travel

The phrase “Foreign Travel” refers to the expenses the Study Abroad Center has pre-paid on behalf of each student in the instructor-led program. These expenses could include, but are not limited to: housing in the foreign location(s), necessary in-country transportation, entrance fees and tours for cultural activities, and group meals included in the program. The charges will be applied to the students’ U-bill along with UNI Tuition and Fees during the beginning of the term's billing cycle.

UNI Tuition and Fees

While participating on a UNI short-term instructor-led program, students will receive direct UNI academic credit. Because of this, they are charged tuition and fees by UNI. To study on-campus, UNI students are charged six different student services fees. If a student studies abroad, they are only charged two: the Technology Fee and the mandatory Regents’ Study Abroad Fee. The cost of the tuition and technology fee depends on the amount of credits received. For all short-term study abroad programs, the mandatory Regents’ Study Abroad Fee will total $160. The total tuition and fees amount is applied to a student’s U-bill during the first week of May with payment due by May 20th. For more information on UNI tuition and fees, please visit this website.