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Program Costs

Studying abroad can cost somewhat less, about the same, or much more than staying here at UNI. This depends on a variety of factors and also your spending habits.

These are some of the factors to consider when researching Study Abroad programs:

  1. Type of program(i.e., some semester programs include free housing, free meals,etc.)
  2. Cost of living in the program location,
  3. Tuition cost at the sponsoring or the host institution (if not a UNI exchange program)
  4. Program services (such as field trips, resident director, etc.),
  5. Other "extras" included in the program, exchange rates, and other variables.

Study Abroad Can be Surprisingly Affordable!
Finding an affordable Study Abroad program also depends on your financial situation and that of your parents who help support your education. UNI, as most other public institutions of higher education, encourages students to study abroad and does its best to keep expenses down to make this experience a cost effective one. To compare the cost of study abroad to the cost of studying at UNI, you may begin with the web site of the Office of Student Financial Aid where you can find the estimated cost of attending UNI for a year.