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Getting Academic Credit

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All students participating in programs abroad, will be enrolled into their study abroad course by the Study Abroad Center.  Being enrolled for the appropriate number of credit hours at UNI during your program abroad will release your UNI financial aid for the term to pay your program expenses.  UNI students participating in an approved non-UNI program must also enroll for the appropriate term at UNI.

Instructor-led Programs

Students will be enrolled directly into UNI classes by the Study Abroad Center. These classes are taught by the program course leader. Normally, there will be 4-8 mandatory academic meetings the semester prior to departure -- and often you will complete work, such as a reflection essay, to be submitted after your return.  Remember to direct questions regarding readings and/or homework for the course to your course leader.

Semester and Non-Instructor-Led Short-term Programs

Students will receive letter grades for all courses taken abroad and may use credit earned abroad to satisfy graduation requirements in major, minor, certificate, Liberal Arts Core, or UNI elective categories.   ALL courses need to be approved prior to departure.

The Study Abroad Transfer Course Approval Form must be completed before departure to apply foreign academic credit toward your UNI degree. The Transfer Credit Approval Form, after signatures are obtained, constitutes an agreement that courses you complete abroad will count toward your degree at UNI. 

How do I get foreign courses approved?

  1. Research to determine which programs offer the appropriate academics.

  2. Select your program.

  3. Print off syllabi for each foreign courses.

  4. Fill out Transfer Course Approval Form identifying your requested UNI course equivalencies.  Remember, to attach the foreign course syllabi to your Transfer Course Approval Form.

  5. For major, minor, or certificate courses:  Have foreign course syllabi assessed by the appropriate UNI Department Head and obtain approval signatures for UNI equivalencies.  College of Business Administration approvals need to go to Christine Schrage and Foreign Language approvals need to go through Jennifer Cooley.

  6. For LAC or electives: Submit course syllabi and approval form to Study Abroad (28 Gilchrist).  Course equivalencies will be evaluated by the Office of Admissions.

Remember: Approval Signatures are Required!

Once your Transfer Course Approval Form is completed, the original will be housed in your Study Abroad Center file -- but it's good to keep a copy for yourself!  After you complete your program, the foreign institution will mail your official transcript to the Study Abroad Center (this can take time). 

Modern Language Agreement

Students who will be participating in an intensive language program abroad (Spanish, French, German, etc.) and are typically placed in a specific level via placement test, will need to complete the Modern Language Agreement Form from your iUNI portal application page. You will need to receive a signature from a faculty member in the Department of Modern Languages. After the signature is obtained, the form constitutes an agreement that courses you complete abroad will count toward your degree at UNI.  This form also needs to be returned to the Study Abroad Center prior to departure.

Graded Courses vs. Pass/Fail Credit

According to the Office of Admissions, your grades transfer back as “letter grade credit” unless you request this requirement to be waived before you leave to go abroad.  Permission for the waiver must be sought and received from the Office of Admissions and the Study Abroad Center.  Deadlines and other guidelines are published in the Schedule of Classes and in the UNI Catalog.  A request to change graded credit to pass/fail (or pass/fail to graded credit) must be made by the mid-semester deadline published in the UNI Schedule of Classes.

Whether pass/fail credit may be applied to meet exact requirements in a major, minor, or a certificate is a departmental decision.  Some departments will not allow you to use pass/fail courses to meet required courses toward a major or minor. Check with the department head if you are unsure of the details.

Post Study Abroad and Transcripts

After your study abroad program is complete, the foreign institution should mail your official transcript to the Study Abroad Center only.  After your foreign transcript has arrived at UNI, the Office of Admissions will be posting your final grades to your Campus Solutions account under the tab "Transfer Credit". Please give the Office of Admissions 2-4 weeks to process your transcript.

  • For spring or summer participants, foreign transcripts typically arrive between June-October

  • For fall participants, foreign transcripts typically arrive between January-April